Why Vinyl Windows are the Leading Choice

Can’t decide if vinyl windows are the right choice for your home or business? There are a lot of benefits when it comes to vinyl windows since they are resistant to rot, corrosion, salt air, termites, and even air pollutants. Vinyl windows will never swell or lose shape in humid weather, unlike wood windows. These windows will maintain their look even years down the line. Unlike wood windows, you’ll never have to worry about setting aside time throughout the years to seal, stain, or paint your windows since vinyl will never need such maintenance. Vinyl windows will not chip, scratch or dent…making them a smart choice for homeowners who don’t want to invest time in window cleaning. And, when you need to clean your windows, you can conveniently clean them with soap and water.

Of course, wood and aluminum windows are still popular sellers, but vinyl windows are the best choice for any home or business. Vinyl’s superior durability, cost effectiveness, and ability to pay for themselves is unmatched.

Making your home or office energy efficient has many benefits and helping the environment is just one of them. Energy efficient windows will not only help lower the cost of energy bills by 15%, but they can also help protect your home. Energy efficient windows offer low U-value (which is a good thing) and UV protection. Damaging UV rays can wreak havoc over time on furniture, fabric, and floors, but energy efficient windows will help eliminate that problem. Although wood windows are energy efficient (to an extent,) vinyl takes the win for the most energy efficiency. In addition to reducing sun damage to the inside of your home and saving you money on energy bills, vinyl windows will eventually pay for themselves. Now that’s a great investment!

If you switch to vinyl windows, not only will your bills be reduced but you’ll also be adding resale value to your home…something that can be a great selling point if you ever decide to sell. New, especially energy efficient windows will always add value to a home and what’s great is vinyl will look like new for years to come!

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