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replacement windows in Bellevue, washington

Questions to Ask Bellevue, WA Replacement Window Installers

Chances are you asked a lot of questions, conducted some research and thought long and hard before making buying decisions for your home, your car or any major home renovations. When it comes to installing Bellevue, WA replacement windows, you should be just as diligent. Windows might not be as exciting as a new home, car or renovated kitchen, but they make a huge difference in terms of, among other things, energy efficiency and interior comfort.  

So that you know what to consider the next time you’re on the lookout for a professional contractor to install your windows, here are some questions you should ask candidates.  

“Do you have a lot of experience installing windows?” 

This is a crucial question since you need to know whether the contractor has the experience necessary to be tackling your project. While a skilled professional who’s just started in the business may do a fine job, you will probably want to stick to someone with at least a handful of years of installing windows on a full-time basis. Such professionals will have encountered just about any situation and will have developed the skills to resolve any issues encountered.  

“Are you insured? 

Insurance is a must. In fact, you shouldn’t consider a contractor who does not have insurance that includes workers’ compensation as well as liability coverage. A contractor with insurance is really protecting not only his or herself, but also the clients. So you shouldn’t work with any professional installer who does not have proof of insurance coverage. Also consider that insurance coverage is really a professional courtesy. Contractors should have it, and you should expect it.  

“Do you have references?” 

It’s essential that you get references from any professional installers who you are seriously considering hiring. Once you get them, take your time to call the references ask a few questions. What you want to know is how happy past clients were. Ask them if they would recommend the contractor to others, if they feel they were treated fairly and things of this nature. You can glean a lot of useful information from people who have past experience with contractors. Also be sure that the references are for recent work. You don’t want to talk to someone who the contractor worked for five years ago.  

“Do you offer warranties?” replacement windows in Bellevue, wa

It’s a plus if the professional installer will warranty his or her work. This, of course, will give you more protection, and it will show that the contractor is willing to stand behind his or her work.  

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