July 23 2018 0Comment
replacement windows in Monroe, washington

How to Choose the Right Affordable Windows 

Have you given much thought to Monroe, Washington replacement windows lately? Your windows may be in need of some serious repairs that may never come. They may even be in dire need of replacement altogether. Many homeowners don’t realize the warning signs for a window that needs to be replaced or fixed until it’s too […]

July 16 2018 0Comment
replacement windows in Lynnwood, wa

How to Affordably Expand Your Space

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your home and adding on to give your home more space, you’re not alone. Many homeowners throughout America feel that they’re growing out of their homes. With increasing family sizes, homes are becoming more cluttered and smaller as families get bigger. When this happens, families decide to either move or […]

July 09 2018 0Comment
replacement windows in Kirkland, washington

The Power of Energy Efficiency

When it comes to Kirkland, Washington replacement windows, homeowners should really invest in their homes. When investing in your home, it’s important to make tough decisions like how much money you can and should spend on your home. Many homeowners don’t really think of their home as an investment, but they should. Just like a […]

July 02 2018 0Comment
replacement windows in Everett washington

How to Renovate Your Kitchen 

Changing up the look of your home, especially a kitchen can be challenging. There are so many decisions that come with the process. Should you knock out walls to make the space bigger? Maybe paint your space a different color? Should you add in new appliances or even trim work? Many homeowners don’t realize that […]

June 25 2018 0Comment
replacement windows in Bellevue, washington

Choosing the Color of Your Living Room 

Are you in need of Bellevue, Washington replacement windows? Have you been thinking about repainting your living room, den or whole house? It’s a good idea to create a different look for your home. It also keeps your home clean by sprucing up the paint every few years. This creates an awareness between homeowners and […]

June 18 2018 0Comment
replacement windows in Kenmore, washington

How to Pick Window Treatment 

Thinking about which window treatment would look best on your Kenmore, Washington replacement windows? It can be tough to nail down what curtains, shades, sheers or drapes would look best on your windows. Sometimes homeowners choose based on the color scheme of their home. While others make their decisions based on the design of their […]

June 11 2018 0Comment
replacement windows in Bothell, washington

How to Decorate with Windows 

When you think of decorating, Bothell, Washington replacement windows probably don’t come to mind. But they should. Windows can be a main attraction in a home. Imagine your home. Now imagine what a big bay window would do for your dining room. Or gorgeous vinyl windows would do for your bedroom, showcasing your beautiful and […]

June 04 2018 0Comment
replacement windows in Seattle washington

How to Upkeep Your Beach Home This Summer

Summer homes can be a beautiful oasis and a lovely vacation spot. A place to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather with family and friends. When it comes to Seattle, Washington replacement windows, they are a big part of your summer paradise. A lot of summer homes are either on the water or close by […]

Why Windows are so Important

You may not have realized this but, your windows are very important. They play an important part in keeping outside elements out of your home and they work hard to keep you and your family safe. A home wouldn’t be a home without windows. Think about it. If a storm was to rip through your […]

The Benefits of a Good Window

Not many homeowners understand the benefits of good windows and what they can do for a home. Increase resale value in a home? Check. Protect from damaging ultra-violet rays? Check. Block outside noises? Check. Lower energy bills and practically pay for themselves? Check and check. But what do these benefits actually equate to? We all […]

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