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Everett, WA replacement windows

3 Signs that You May Need Replacement Windows

While windows will last a long time, that doesn’t mean that they’re built to last forever. You’ll eventually need to head over to a replacement window retailer to get Everett, WA replacement windows for your home. One of the problems is that many people will only incur the expense of new windows if they absolutely have to. This shouldn’t be the case, however, because replacement windows offer a wealth of benefits that you will notice immediately.  

If you’re the type who likes to address problems sooner rather than later, here are 3 signs that you may need to replace the windows you currently have in place.  

  1. Sky-High Energy Bills

When you look at your heating and cooling expenses at the end of the month, do you sometimes wonder if there must be some mistake? Utility bills are one of those unpleasant realities that you must endure, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t reduce the amount you owe. If you have inefficient windows in place, you’re literally throwing money out the window. Windows that are ineffective will let in drafts, and this will require you to use your HVAC unit more than should be the case. You can bet that this will translate into higher energy expenses. If you get replacement windows, you’ll have better energy efficiency and insulation. This will ensure that you cut your bill – and you’ll ultimately see a return on investment.  

  1. Window a Safety Hazard

Are you unable to properly open or close your windows? If so, then you’re putting yourself and your family at risk by not fixing the problem. No one wants to think about life-and-death scenarios, but the truth is that they do happen. You don’t want to be trapped in your home during an emergency simply because you can’t open the window. You also don’t want a situation where you compromise the safety of your family because of windows that won’t close all the way. In such cases, the solution is simple. Get replacement windows to protect your family and home.  

  1. Outside Noise Getting Inside

Is the outside noise so loud that you sometimes feel as though you live in a house with no windows at all? If so, then your windows aren’t shielding out the noise. Replacement windows with more than one pane of glass will offer better sound-proofing abilities than will single pane glass. So if you’d love to have some peace and quiet, get yourself replacement windows.  

There are certain problems that you’ll only be able to solve if you have Everett, WA replacement windows installed in your home. Call Intermountain Glass Inc at (425) 486-6162 when you’re interested in exploring your options. We’d love to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and make recommendations. We’ll even visit your home to take measures and to make specific recommendations for different rooms. Come by our showroom at 23905 Meridian Ave S Bothell, WA 98021 if you’d like to see our products in person and to talk to one of our staff members about the replacement windows you’d like for your home.