Why Vinyl Windows are the Safest for Your Home

When it comes to windows, every homeowner should invest time in finding windows that not only best suit their home, but windows that are safe for their home. It’s no surprise that a broken or damaged window can pose as a safety risk for you or your family, and potentially cause injury to a loved one. But when purchasing a new window as either a replacement or for a new construction, you should research both the window and the company before you make an investment.

At Intermountain Glass, Inc. we provide the best Seattle, WA vinyl windows. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is here to help make sure every installation runs smoothly and seamlessly so you’ll never have to worry. We sell only the finest quality windows so our customers can rest at ease with their new purchase.

Windows are an important investment in every home, not only do windows add curbside appeal and shield homeowners from inclement weather, but windows also can protect your family from a number of things. For starters, vinyl windows can be one of the best window investments. They shield and reduce noise from heavy-traffic streets and nearby construction. Vinyl windows can also protect your family and valuable objects in your home such as carpeting, antiques, furniture, and flooring from harsh UV rays as well.

Most vinyl windows are energy efficient and have low-emissivity that special protection older windows don’t generally have. Vinyl windows offer better insulation and are generally safer from leaks and malfunctions, too.

As being one of the safest windows for your home, vinyl windows also have an added benefit unlike other windows. These windows are virtually scratch and dent proof, which means they are very easy to clean and they never have to be repainted, re-stained, resealed, or refurbished. Vinyl windows were made to make your space comfortable for you and your family by working day and night to prevent air leaks and reduce the amount of sunlight that comes through the glass. So, while you may have never thought about vinyl windows being a safer choice among windows, they are absolutely great and safe for your family.

With 37 years-experience, Intermountain Glass, Inc. is the most trusted and experienced window and door installers. We pride ourselves in efficient installation, great products, and quality service time and time again. Our friendly staff is extensively trained in all of our latest products as well as our energy efficient products so we can help you make the right decision on the best investments for your home. We offer no hassle and no obligation consultations, so you can see why we’re the most-trusted in Seattle, WA year after year.

You can visit us at 23905 Meridian Ave., S. Bothell, WA, 98021, or call us today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff about any questions you may have at (425) 486-6162. Let Intermountain Glass, Inc. help you find the right vinyl windows for your home.

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