Remodeling Your Home with New Windows

Have you come to a cross road with your home? Are you sick of your space but are unsure what to do with it? Ever watch an HGTV show and immediately want to remodel your whole home? If so, you’re like the majority of us who want to redo their home but never actually do it. Of course, there is a lot more hard work that goes into remodeling a home than what we see on TV. And, of course, a lot more money than we realize.

Remodeling a home can easily cost thousands of dollars and force homeowners to take out a second mortgage putting them in major debt. Remodeling a home takes time, time that you may not have. Hiring professionals to remodel your bathroom can take weeks if not months depending on the company and the materials. Who has months to wait for a bathroom to be finished, not to mention having materials laying around the house? What’s worse is when homeowners remodel their kitchen. Imagine not being able to use your kitchen for weeks on end, having to cook for your family but having no kitchen to cook in. Now that’s inconvenient.

Many homeowners don’t realize there is an easier solution to remodeling. Purchasing new windows Lynwood, WA for your home can transform a space from drab to fab. While a window won’t give you added counter space like an island will, a window will give you a lot more benefits, especially vinyl windows. Vinyl windows, depending on your window of choice, will open up your room and make it look bigger and brighter allowing more sunlight in. The darker a room is the smaller it seems, so whether you’re thinking of redoing a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or even your home office, think about replacing your windows.

In addition to adding light and making your space look bigger, vinyl windows will lower the cost of high energy bills. Not only will updating your windows save you money when compared to remodeling, but vinyl windows will save you even more money by cutting down energy usage. Vinyl windows come in an array of colors and styles and look great in any home. You can rest assured that they’ll look gorgeous and give your space that lift it needs. But if you’re unsure that vinyl windows will look great in your home, call Intermountain Glass, Inc. today and one of our specialists can go over everything with you and set up a free in-home estimate.

Or, if you live in the Lynwood, WA area you can visit our showroom in person to see what we have to offer. With 37 years’ experience in the window industry, Intermountain Glass Inc., is here to help you take your home to the next level, whether it be that HGTV look you’ve always wanted or just replacing an outdated window. Call us at (425) 486-6162. Or visit us at 23905 Meridian Ave., S. Bothell, WA, 98021. Let us find you the perfect vinyl windows for your Lynwood, WA home.

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