What to Know About Window Condensation

Vinyl windows are some of the best windows on the market. These windows are not only energy efficient but they are great performance windows that are long-lasting. So, when exterior condensation arises, it’s important to know there’s no reason to worry. Exterior condensation is not a threat nor is it a sign that your windows are performing bad. There are special materials and coatings in windows, especially energy efficient and vinyl windows, that help protect from inside condensation and regulate thermal and heat conductions.

These special enhancing additions to your windows include glass that is filled with a convection limiting inert gas, insulating spacers that help reduce heat conduction, low-emissivity coatings that increase the temperature of your glass, and non-conducting sashes and frames. These are all things that aid in the process of your windows working at their best and keeping their maximum performance going.

So, that condensation you may be seeing on the outside of your vinyl windows may just mean your window is thoroughly insulated from the heat indoors and may be a sign of energy efficiency. Energy efficient windows are least likely to form condensation, but this is all dependent on humidity and where one lives. Some variables that affect window condensation include air flow in your home, inside temperature, dew point, inside glass temperature, and inside relative humidity. While it’s not impossible to experience window condensation, it’s unlikely with energy efficient and vinyl windows.

Vinyl windows are among the best windows on the market. Not only are they practically dent and scratch proof, they are easy to maintain and never require any touch-ups like other windows. You’ll never have to repaint, reseal, or refurbish these windows at all. Simply clean with soap and water and your vinyl windows will look like-new for years to come. Vinyl windows are also very energy efficient and can not only cut down your energy bills, but can also pay for themselves over time with the money you’ve saved. These windows have limitless benefits and will also add resale value to your home as well as curbside appeal.

Vinyl windows are also specially formulated to protect the inside of your home from damaging UV rays that can ruin wood flooring, carpeting, antiques, furniture, and fabrics. In addition to lasting a long time and looking like-new, vinyl windows will perform to their maximum each and every time, and are some of the best Everett, WA windows.

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