How to Find the Right Window for Your Home

Searching for the right window can be tricky. Windows not only come in different shapes, materials, and sizes, but they also range in energy efficiency, U-value, emissivity, and of course different price intervals.

But before you pick out windows for your home based on their look, it’s a smart idea to do some research about which window is best for your home. As most homeowners know, energy-efficient windows can be the best choice when it comes to replacing or purchasing new windows.

However, energy-efficient windows can have frames made of vinyl, wood, aluminum, or sometimes even fiberglass. Depending on which finish you prefer, energy-efficient windows can be a money saver and a game changer. Energy-efficient windows will lower the high cost of energy bills as well as cooling bills and can protect your furniture, antiques, carpeting, and flooring from harsh UV rays.

Vinyl windows seem to be the more popular choice among homeowners when it comes to finishes due to their ease of cleaning and upkeep, but wood windows as well as aluminum and fiberglass are among the popular choices too. However, vinyl windows will never chip, will never need touchups such as sealants or repainting, and are virtually maintenance free and dent resistant.

Some homeowners may prefer the natural look of wood windows rather than vinyl windows, while others prefer aluminum windows for their odd-shaped spaces. Whatever windows you choose, our expert staff can help you make an informed and knowledgeable decision, with 37 years’ experience helping customers like you find the best windows for their homes and family while sticking to a budget.

Whether you decide on an octagon or a house window or a horizontal slider or awning, Intermountain Glass, Inc. can help you find the perfect window for your space that can add value while performing at top quality, that’s why we’re one of the most trusted window sellers in Seattle, WA.

Intermountain Glass, Inc. knows Seattle, WA windows best. Our dedicated staff is here to help you from the moment you call us until after the installation. We pride ourselves in unbeatable service and great prices. And that’s why we’re the best at what we do. Intermountain Glass, Inc. offers a wide variety of services to the Seattle, WA area including windows, doors, skylights, and railings, and we offer no-obligation free estimates.

We don’t want you to settle on any old window, we want to make sure your new windows fit your style, budget, lifestyle, and are a great investment for years to come. Your home is your castle and your windows are a reflection of your home’s beauty. Intermountain Glass, Inc., knows what new windows can add resale value and curbside appeal to your home and perform best in your house without breaking the bank.

As the most trusted sellers for windows in the Seattle, WA, we offer free estimates so you’ll never have to worry. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff at (425) 486-6162. Or you can visit us at 23905 Meridian Ave S. Bothell, WA 98021.

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