Choosing Windows That Can Pay for Themselves

We’ve got good news and bad news for you. The bad news is you might find yourself currently needing to replace windows in your home or new windows for your new construction property, but the good news is the windows you pick might actually pay for themselves. That’s right, pay for themselves. When it comes to windows, energy efficient vinyl windows are at the forefront. Not only are vinyl windows generally priced better, they are very easy to maintain, don’t require much maintenance such as painting, sealing, or staining, and can benefit your home in many ways. One of these ways is by saving you money. New, energy efficient vinyl windows will lower the cost of skyrocketing energy bills sometimes by hundreds of dollars a year and will stop any air leaks that can cause you to raise the heat or air conditioning constantly. Constantly adjusting your air temperature will increase energy bills, and as any homeowner knows, high energy bills can be extremely expensive and unbudgeted, especially if your home is larger.

Because of the way vinyl windows are made, with components of PVC, the material used to make plumbing pipes, they are extremely durable, practically scratch and dent resistant, and come in a variety of energy efficient levels, all which save you money. Vinyl windows are known for low emissivity, insulated glass which controls heat transfers, and are tightly constructed which eliminates air leakage and saves you money. In addition to lowering the price of energy bills, vinyl windows will add curbside appeal to your property as well as resale value to your home. Homeowners don’t realize that sometimes when they’re trying to sell their home or thinking of selling their home in the near future, damaged, broken, or extremely outdated windows can turn picky buyers away and potentially cause the seller a sale. Damaged, broken, and outdated windows give off the idea that a home is unmaintained and not kept up with, which sometimes will lead to a buyer assuming there might be other problems with the home and not worth the time to look at. However, if you’re looking to sell and your home is maintained with newer windows, you might be likelier to sell your property.

Intermountain Glass, Inc. is the most trusted for Seattle, WA vinyl windows. With over 37-years-experience we know how to complete any and every installation to industry standards the right way the first time. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, quality products, and superior service overall. And that’s what makes us the most-trusted and number one installer for Seattle, WA vinyl windows. We offer an array of products and our professionally trained and certified installation masters are here to help you with your new investment as well as install your windows perfect without any issues.

Visit our showroom today at 23905 Meridian Ave., S. Bothell, WA, 98021, or call us to speak with one of our team members at (425) 486-6162. Intermountain Glass, Inc. is here to help you find the best vinyl windows for your space.

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