Why Choosing the Right Window Can Help Pay Your Bills

If you’re looking for new windows and you want to save money, you’ve come to the right place. Most homeowners don’t usually hear the words “new” and “save money” in the same sentence very often, but when it comes to windows there’s no better investment.

Vinyl windows, made up of components of Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as PVC, are durable and made to last. The components of PVC are used in plumbing pipes, which proves how strong and made-to-last these types of windows are. However, not many homeowners realize that vinyl windows can actually save them money and pay for themselves. Yes, save you money and pay for themselves.

Vinyl windows are easy to clean with just soap and water and are virtually maintenance free. Homeowners who have dealt with other types of windows can attest that window maintenance can sometimes be a pain. Re-sanding, re-painting, and refurbishing in addition to touch-ups can be a hassle for some. Not only does this require manual labor but it also requires time, something some homeowners just can’t afford. With vinyl windows, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance since they are scratch and dent resistant and don’t ever chip, peel, or flake.

So, what’s so special about vinyl windows? Well, we’ll tell you. Vinyl windows are energy efficient which helps when it comes to saving money. By purchasing energy efficient windows for your home, you’re not only investing in your home, but you’re also investing in your savings.  And when replacing your windows with energy efficient windows, you’re not just helping reduce the cost of energy and cooling bills, but you’re also adding resale value to your home. Whether you’re thinking of selling your home down the line or not, there’s nothing better than an investment that pays for itself and saves you money in the process.

At Intermountain Glass, Inc., we’re dedicated to making our customers happy. We offer great products at unbeatable prices. Our friendly staff is here to answer any of your questions. With 37 years of hands-on experience, we’re here to help with installing windows, doors, glass, and even glazing. Whatever you need, you’re in good hands with us. We specialize in Lynnwood, WA vinyl windows and offer free estimates with no obligation so you don’t have to worry.

Intermountain Glass, Inc. is the leading choice for Lynnwood, WA vinyl windows. Not only do we pride ourselves on exemplary service, we also offer great prices that our customers can’t find anywhere else. Don’t take our word for it, contact us today to see for yourself. And trust us, our service speaks for itself. Unlike other competitors, we’ll never leave you with a product that isn’t right for you. We’ll finish the job the right way the first time around so your windows can fully perform at their very best. After all, that is what you’re paying for.

If you have any questions or you’d like to set-up a free estimate, you can call us at (425) 486-6162 or visit us at 23905 Meridian Ave S. Bothell, WA 98021. Let Intermountain Glass, Inc. help you choose the right vinyl windows.

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