Best Window Treatment for Vinyl Windows

So you’ve purchased new vinyl windows and now you have no idea how to decorate them? Maybe you’ve had drapes up for the last few years and can’t stand the sight of them anymore, or you want a new and fresh look for your brand-new windows. Or maybe you’re just moving into a new construction home in the Seattle, WA area and you’re starting from scratch without having old curtains or blinds to use and don’t know what to buy. Whatever your scenario, window treatments can really bring your space alive.

Curtains are a great option when it comes to window treatment. Usually made of lightweight material and often sheer, curtains create a gorgeous look in a space. They allow light to come through making your space look bigger and more inviting. There are many ways to style curtains, like drapes. Tie backs can be used to draw the curtains to each side for an elegant and stylish look or you can tie them in the middle for a different look. Either way, choosing the right curtains that properly fit your window along with choosing the right colors or patterns and the right rod that hold up the curtains can really bring a room together and help shape the look you’re going for.

Drapes, very similar to curtains add a stylish look to any space. The difference between drapes and curtains is that drapes are usually thicker and more durable than curtains. Drapes also help block out light better than curtains since drapes are heavier and not sheer. Homeowners that work overnights such as nurses, overnight hotel auditors, security guards and even police officers find that buying special drapes that block out light completely allow them to get proper sleep during the day, even on the brightest of days. Unfortunately, curtains aren’t made for blocking out light to such an extent so your best bet would be to purchase drapes if you found yourself in that situation. You can style drapes just as you would curtains.

Blinds are an integral part of window treatments. Whether you’re looking to purchase blinds for inside the window panes or regular blinds, blinds can control how much light enters through your home, thus adjusting the temperature of a room by a few degrees. Blinds also are one of the main sources of privacy. Assuming most homeowners don’t want to be on display in front of their neighbors, blinds are a great way to keep out nosy neighbors.

Vinyl windows have an array of benefits, one benefit is that vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient and have special glass coatings to help protect damaging ultra-violet rays from penetrating inside your home that can ruin wood flooring, carpeting, antiques, drapes and curtains over time.  So while vinyl windows are working hard to take of your home it’s still important to add curtains, blinds or drapes to the mix for that extra layer of protection and a stylish look.

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