The Best Window Installation Methods

While it may seem that every company has their own installation methods when it comes to installing windows, there are four very basic methods that most, if not, all window installers should follow. When investing in your home and purchasing windows, it’s important to realize before you spend your hard-earned money that the company you’ve chosen to do business with is not only reputable, but doesn’t cut corners where they should never be cut from.

The perfect replacement windows are not out of your reach. With some research and knowledge of the product and company you want inside your home, your perfect replacement windows are right around the corner. Below, are four important installation methods.

Collapse Out (No Nail Fin Application)

This method requires special tools to remove an existing frame without disturbing the siding, and is mainly used with aluminum windows. After removing the cross-members and glass, the aluminum frame is then collapsed out using a slide hammer or frame puller. The frame is then pulled from the stud framing and siding with minimal or no damage to the opening. The new customized window is then fit in.

Win-Pac, Quick-Kit, or Tilt-Pack

This method is usually used when the original window frame should be left intact. New windows are then installed and will sit securely inside the existing wood frames. This method is preferred for aesthetic and/or historical reasons, and although there is no fin on these installed windows, the new frame ensures a weather tight fit.

Riding the Frame

This is a method that is used when removing an existing frame could damage the siding. When this method is used, the existing frame is left in place and only the cross members and glass are removed. The frame is then customized for an exact fit and will “ride” over the existing frame. Although this process reduces daylight opening, it looks great when done correctly.

Retrofit and New Construction

With this type of installation, the installer will remove the old window before cutting the sliding back 1 – 1 ½ inches around the frame. This allows the flange to be left on during the installation process and keeps everything watertight. After the flange is properly supported, the window is then trimmed, sealed and then caulked. This is the most efficient method for installing windows in wood siding.

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