The Best Time of Year to Replace Windows

If you’re looking to replace your current windows or you’re thinking about replacing them in the near future, it may have never occurred to you that there are better seasons and times throughout the year to replace your windows. While you shouldn’t wait till a specific season to replace a broken or damaged window that might be causing air leaks, water leakage, or could potentially be a safety hazard to you or your family, there are two great seasons that may work best for you and your family when it comes time for window replacement: Fall and Spring.

Fall weather can range from warm to cool, and for this reason, fall is a great time to replace windows. The cooler temperatures will not cause an uncomfortable shift in your home if your window is not performing to its fullest, nor will it interfere with summer plans or vacations. During the installation process you won’t have to worry about your home getting too drafty from the cold weather or what to do with your children if they’re out of school for the summer. In addition, you’ll have your windows installed just in time for the holidays so you can show them off to your friends and family.

Spring, the other great season to have replacement windows installed, also has cooler weather somewhat resembling the fall season. Most people have heard the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” It is true that spring might offer a smaller window of opportunity for installations than in the fall, but spring should provide enough days that you can have your installation completed without any uncomfortable temperature changes in your home. Spring is great because, again, you won’t have to worry about schedule conflicts or vacation conflicts with your installation and unlike summer or winter when it’s seasonally hot or cold and you depend on air conditioning or heat to make your home more comfortable, you won’t feel much of a change in temperature during the installation.

Again, if your windows are in dire need of replacement, if your windows aren’t performing up to par, or you find yourself unable to wait till one of the two best seasons, its okay to have your windows replaced any other time throughout the year. At Intermountain Glass, Inc., we offer the best Seattle, WA replacement windows. We’re the most-trusted source and the number one window and door installer in the Seattle, WA area. We offer a variety of windows such as hopper, picture, double-hung, and even horizontal slider windows so our customers are never stuck choosing a style that they aren’t in love with.

We have over 37 years-experience and pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, quality products, and superior installations. That’s why we’ve become the best choice for Seattle, WA replacement windows. Our staff is always ready to help with your window or door needs and any questions you might have.

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