The Benefits of Choosing the Right Window Company

Sometimes when it comes to choosing a new window, whether it be a replacement window or a window for a new construction property, window types often take precedent over their companies. And not many homeowners realize that a new window is just as important as the company that installs the window.

Maybe you’re looking at a top of the line energy efficient window for your home, or perhaps several to replace the worn-out and damaged windows in three of the bedrooms in your home, you’ve picked out the windows that you love for the price you can live with and find once they’re installed, they’re not working how you thought they would. Maybe there are air leaks, or maybe the installation site is messy and cracked, or something else that just isn’t what you expected when you purchased these new investment pieces for your home.

More times than not, it’s not the windows that are the problem it was the installation company. It’s important to research the company you’re thinking of choosing and speak with their staff about any questions you might have. While the lowest priced company may really entice you, it doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best quality installation and windows.

Making a window investment is a very important and big investment. Even though your windows may pay for themselves down the line by lowering your energy bills, adding resale value and curbside appeal to your home, and creating a more comfortable environment, it’s still important that you get the very best and maximum benefits of a window you’re paying for. And at Intermountain Glass, Inc. we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We know Seattle, WA home windows. With over 37-years-experience installing windows and doors, we know how to properly complete installations, while minimally affecting your home routine, and we know how to keep a job site clean. Unlike some of our competitors, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, exceptional products, and superior quality overall.

With hands-on experience, and a friendly and professionally-trained staff, we’re the number one choice when it comes to Seattle, WA windows. In addition, our CEO is educated in glazing, glass, light construction, and the latest energy efficient technology so you know you’re in good hands. Our staff is considered “installation masters,” which means they’ve been trained and certified to industry standards on how to use the best practices and installation techniques, and have received specialized training in replacement installation and new construction windows as well as exterior glass doors. This is something that definitely sets us apart from our competition. At Intermountain Glass, Inc. we strive only to provide the best in Seattle, WA windows.

Call Intermountain Glass, Inc. today to speak with one of our friendly representatives at (425) 486-6162. You can also visit us at our showroom and take a look around at 23905 Meridian Ave., S. Bothell, WA, 98021. We’ll be happy to set up a no-obligation consultation and help you choose the best window for your space.

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